How To Fundraise

Fundraising is the best!

Choosing to raise funds can be a fun, memorable experience that makes you feel more connected to your favourite causes, and helps to make others’ lives better. You are, quite literally, improving the world around you!

When you decide to help people living with Huntington’s disease, there are so many options at your fingertips! We’ve made it easy for you, with some ideas about how to get started and what to do. Of course, we also have our very own Fundraising and Communications Coordinator who loves to chat with amazing fundraisers like you! You can contact her by email at or call (07) 3435 4300.

What can I do to fundraise?
  • Participate: do you run marathons, swim every day, or kick butt at a boxing class? Using sporting activities is an easy way to show people what you are doing to help, and encourage them to do the same by either getting involved or by giving (without having to work up a sweat!). You also don’t need to be an elite athlete for this. You could just participate in a big event, and use that as an opportunity to fundraise. Some great events include the Bridge To Brisbane, the Gold Coast Marathon, and a number of other larger events.
  • Sell your skills: maybe you’re an excellent drawer, or you can play the bagpipes like no one else. Why not offer your services in exchange for a donation? People love getting something and knowing that the proceeds are for a good cause, so draw some portraits, perform at your friend’s event, or make balloon animals to help.
  • Daily tasks for good: Do you always wear interesting shoes, or cycle to work every day. Why not turn your everyday activities into a portal for good?! Document them, and set yourself challenges as you go. Your contacts will be inspired by your dedication, and you won’t even have to disrupt your day.
  • Host your own event: perhaps you like dinner parties, trivia, backyard cricket, or art classes. Whatever your flavour, host an event and invite people to donate to attend. You might even be able to do some fundraising activities at the event ($20 for every boundary hit, or $5 for a hint at a trivia night). It’s a great excuse to have fun with your friends while also making a difference.
  • Ask for donations in lieu of gifts: do you have a birthday or special event coming up, but have everything you need right now? Why not ask people to make a donation instead?
  • DIY – just because it isn’t listed above doesn’t mean it can’t be done! Your imagination and determination is the limit. You could run your own sausage sizzle, do challenges for donation pledges, or you could walk backwards from Townsville to Brisbane dressed in spandex singing folk music. Great! Both ideas are amazing, and both will help us make a difference.
How can I fundraise?
  • Contact our Fundraising Coordinator to let her know what you’re planning, and they can get you a Letter of Authority to Fundraise!
  • Our friends at Everyday Hero have made it so easy for you – just set up your activity via this page, link it with ‘Australian Huntington’s Disease Association QLD’ (that’s us!), let everyone know about it, and get to work!
  • Just remember: your friends will love to support you, so explain to them why you need their support, why you care, and keep them updated on what you’re doing.

Did you know that more than one third of our income in the 2014/2015 annual year was from amazing people like you?! So, from all the team at Huntingtons Queensland, and all the people who have needed help, thank you!!