Bridge To Brisbane 2016

Some cheeky Bridge To Brisbane participants
Some of our awesome 2015 team!

The team at the HDQ office are in disbelief that it’s already half-way into 2016 – it doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were watching fireworks to celebrate the start of the year, and now we’re looking at tax returns and planning for the last part of the year! But it’s exciting for us, because that means it’s time to prepare for Bridge To Brisbane!

We had a very enthusiastic team of 30 people walk 5km last year to prove their support. This year, we’re hoping for 60. So sign up, bring your mates, and help us reach our goal.

Sign up

You can join Team Huntington’s when you sign up here. The great thing about this year is they’ve opened teams up to include both 5km and 10km distances, so you can choose not only your pace but also your distance, and still support the team. We’re also opening up the activity this year to ensure everyone participates how they want. You don’t need to walk as a group – you can do your own thing, walk as a family, or join up with other team members and tackle it as a group. However you want to do it, we’re just grateful to have your support.

We’re also really pleased to have branded shirts available to participants, if you’d like to walk with one. You can purchase a good-quality shirt at our new online mini-store here.


The great thing about Bridge To Brisbane is it gives us the opportunity to raise some much-needed funds to support our services. You can help us do this by either setting up an Everyday Hero account to raise money, or by sponsoring a participant through their Everyday Hero account. Just visit the team page, where you can either make a donation to the team, or choose an individual to sponsor. Visit the page here.

Thank you for helping make this year’s Bridge To Brisbane the best one yet!