Lighting the way – forums and presentations to inspire

Planning for the Future 2019

In 2019, Huntingtons Queensland hosted the 2019 Alecca McKinless forum: Planning for the Future. We were delighted to welcome speakers from around Australia and the world, covering topics about positivity, research, and planning for every step of the journey with Huntington’s disease.

You can watch these inspiring and informational presentations below. We hope you find them both heartwarming and helpful!

Keynote speaker: Catherine Martin, Executive Director of Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization (HDYO)

Presentation: Dr Robert Adam, Clinical Neurologist at Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital
Presentation: Professor Julie Stout, Clinical Research Psychologist at Monash University

Presentation: Janice Brown, mother and grandmother from a family impacted by Huntington’s disease

Presentation: Jan Samuels, CEO of Huntingtons Queensland

Presentation: Sabrina Palham, Advance Care Planning

Presentation: Lenni Duffield, Executive Officer of Huntington’s WA

Huntingtons Queensland Annual General Meeting 2018

Keynote presentation by Professor Julie Stout


Lighting the Way 2018

Lighting the Way 2018 forum was an unprecedented success for Huntingtons Queensland.

#LightItUp4HD at Treasury Brisbane 2018

Held during international Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month in May 2018, this sold-out forum welcomed individuals, families, professionals and supporters from far and wide to listen to a wide range of speakers about research, self-care, planning and personal journeys.

The event was made possible through the generosity of Alecca McKinless, whose bequest enabled this event to be hosted free of charge to attendees and participants. In addition, Alecca’s husband Alan continues to support people impacted by Huntington’s disease, and was adamant that the presentations needed to be available to everyone, not just those who could attend in person. We agree wholeheartedly!

And so, we are delighted to share with you the presentations from our wide range of speakers.

Lighting the Way forum 2018: a message from founder Cliff Farmer

Lighting the way forum 2018: Key note speaker Professor Julie Stout

Lighting the way forum 2018: Linda Wornham, Genetic Counsellor with Genetic Health Queensland

Lighting the way forum 2018: Cathy Dart, Psychologist

Lighting the way forum 2018: Dr Trent Woodruff, Queensland-based researcher

Lighting the way forum 2018: Janelle Rawlinson

Lighting the way forum 2018: Kerrie Morgan, Spark NeuroCare

Lighting the way forum 2018: Kelly Stamnas, Running for Nan’s HD

Lighting the way forum 2018: Breie Starkey