Session Costs

Huntington’s Australia provides professional information sessions to external agencies, service providers and businesses focused on quality care for people affected by Huntington’s Disease. Sessions can be tailored upon specific request.

Service Providers

Two-hour information provision, training and education
1 person$387.98 + GST
2 to 5 people$184.30 per person + GST
6 to 10 people$174.60 per person + GST
11 to 15 people$164.90 per person + GST
More than 15$155.20 per person + GST

Service Providers

Plan/report assessments$193.99 per hour + GST

Other Resources available

A Physician’s Guide to the Management of Huntingtons Disease$15 per copy
Understanding Behaviour in Huntingtons Disease: A GUIDE for Professionals$15 per copy
Hurry UP and WaitCurrently out of stock
Family Resource Pack$70 per copy

For more information or to enquire or book a session please register here or contact us via email