Fact Sheets

Below you can find a range of fact sheets kindly provided by the Huntington’s Disease Society of America and the Huntington’s Disease Association (UK). Please be aware that some information may not be relevant to those living in Queensland or Australia, and contact details may be for other organisations.

Huntington’s disease – Genetics Home Reference: ‘Your guide to understanding genetic conditions’

General Information (source: HDAUK – some information is not relevant to Australian readers)

Huntington’s Disease (source: Family Caregiver Alliance)

Huntington’s Outreach Project for Education, at Stanford (source: HOPES, Stanford)

Autosomal Dominant Inheritance (source: Centre for Genetics Education)

Rethinking the Symptoms of Huntington’s Disease (source: HDBuzz)

Huntington’s Disease Symptoms (Source:Mayo Clinic)

Behavioural Problems (Source: Huntington’s Disease Association UK)

The American Journal of Psychiatry – Huntington’s Disease (Not a fact sheet, but links to a number of interesting journal articles)

Visit the HDYO website for more information

Talking With Kids (source: HDSA)

Talking To Children About HD (source: HDA UK)

Juvenile HD at School (source: HDA UK)

Challenging Behaviour in Juvenile HD (Source: HDA UK)

Juvenile Onset HD (source: HDSA)