Research & HD

Research into Huntington’s disease is conducted in Queensland, Australia, and around the globe, with updates available on a regular basis. It can be confusing and overwhelming when trying to find reputable sources of information about HD, so Huntingtons Queensland has done the hard work for you and compiled a list of reputable websites to help you understand HD better, focus your reading, and engage with the worldwide community. Huntingtons Queensland distributes many of these updates on a regular basis through our Facebook page and newsletters, so be sure to follow us there to keep up with the latest news and updates.

Reputable Research Sites

HD Buzz Logo – science news updates written by scientists for everyday people

ucl_logo  – Huntington’s disease research information for families and professionals

CHDI Foundation – a biomedical foundation dedicated to Huntington’s disease research

hddw_image  Huntington’s Disease Drug Works – information and updates on drugs and treatments logo – A Huntington’s disease science periodical

medline plux_logo – a page with links to science and treatment information, and general HD information and tutorials

Qld CoA Stylised 2LsS mono  Centre for Palliative Care Research and Education (CPCRE) – a Queensland Health consortium of organisations dedicated to improving and maintaining the quality of palliative care through scientific exploration and engagement with local agencies

Reputable Individual Blog Sites

cureHD Blog logo Cure HD “At Risk For Huntington’s Disease” – This blog written by someone who is gene positive, containing drug trial updates and investigating the current atmosphere surrounding support and services for people impacted by HD

Reputable Study Sites

logo-enrollhd – a worldwide observational study

 – facilitators of research and clinical trials

Reputable Compilation Sites

research 4 hd logo – direct links to scientists, foundations and clinics

Sarah's HD List – a thorough compilation of Huntington’s disease information, from science to support to representations in the media

If you know of a fantastic site not listed here, please email our Communications Coordinator at with a link to the site so we can include it here.